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Coolest Bag of Popcorn Birthday Cake

This Bag of Popcorn cake was made for a neighbor whose daughter was having a movie-themed birthday party. Her invitations were shaped like popcorn so we decided to make her cake the same.

She wanted 1/2 white cake and 1/2 chocolate, so this cake is 1/2 and 1/2 right down the middle. I trimmed the cake into a tapered shape and left the top rounded for the popcorn brimming-over effect. The little girl didn’t want fondant, so this cake is done in buttercream with a star tip. The stripes are star-tipped on, working from the middle of the cake out to each side, having previously marked off a circle in the middle. The popcorn on top is actually kettle corn that is premade and sold by the bag. Since it’s already sweetened, it went well with the cake. The kettle corn was placed on the cake with buttercream frosting used as the glue.

The girls at the party loved it!

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