Coolest Batman Car Cake

My 4yr old grandson is mad about Batman and asked if I would make him a Batman Car cake just like his Toy car. Well it was going to be a job and a half but I managed it.

I made a Madeira cake and cut it the shape of the car. I managed to buy some flat sheets of black licorice and stuck it on the cake with butter icing, some chocolate mint creams for the wheels along with silver cashews and icing made up the Mag wheels.

Also the decoration on the front and sides of car were white royal icing and some colored blue cut into shape and stuck on with butter icing.

I didn’t know if the children would like to eat the car so I made a chocolate cake and decorated it to look like the Bat sign in the sky. Yellow butter icing for back ground and black licorice for the Bat.

Actually the children ate all the Bat Car first and then the Chocolate Cake, so it all went very well.

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