Coolest Boom Box

A last minute call, my friend wanted me to make a cake for her friend. Her friend loves my cakes and needed a Boom Box cake for her little girl’s Birthday. Every time some one wants me to make them a cake I get on this website and look for ideas and help. I love this website, it is the best website! Unfortunately I did not see a cake for a boom box and when I Googled boom box cakes there wasn’t a cake I could copy. So instead I Googled girls boom boxes and found a picture of a boom box radio and treed to copy the radio to look like a cake.

I took two pound cakes and put them on top of each other. Do not forget to put icing inbetween them so they hold together better. Then I took my pink icing using Butter Cream Icing I made with pink and painted the whole cake. Then set it in the fridge for a couple of hours so the Icing can harden.

I made sugar cookies for the CD and the CD door. Let the cookies cool and wrote Happy Birthday on the CD so it looks like it was playing a Happy Birthday song for the Birthday girl. I took my cake out of the fridge and cut a thin square to look like the place the CD sits in and re-iced the area I cut then finished decorating the rest of the cake.

To put the CD door on I took a knife and cut a slit across the top where I had cut a thin square at and pushed the cookie down the slit and iced the cookie. Last of all I put the CD on the square area on top. For the speakers on the cake I used a tip 16.

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