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Coolest Habs Sweater Cake

My boys are all hockey players and big Habs fans. My middle son turned 5 yesterday, and asked for a “#5” cake. I didn’t want to just make the number, since that wouldn’t have been a challenge, so I made him a Habs sweater cake with the number 5 on it.

I started with two 9 x 13 Devil’s food cakes and homemade chocolate butter cream. I stacked the two cakes with butter cream in the middle and then carved just a little bit to get the basic shape. I sloped the shoulders a little at the top, and cut the bottom so that the sleeves were a little shorter than the bottom of the sweater. I then frosted the whole thing with the chocolate butter cream and put it in the fridge overnight to solidify.

I rolled out white fondant and covered the entire cake to start with. I used a finger to make a bit of a “valley” to show the demarcation between torso and sleeves on the cake, then used a sharp knife to cut almost all the way through the fondant and make a cripser line.

Then I used red fondant to cover over the bottom of the sleeves and the shoulders. I used red fondant and blue fondant to make the stripes at the bottom. I rolled out ropes of white and blue fondant and stuck them together to make the collar.

The letters were cut freehand out of blue fondant. To make the numbers in the red/white/blue that the Habs use, I first cut the number (freehand) out of blue. Then I put it on a rolled out piece of white fondant and freehand cut around it just a little bigger than the blue one. Then I put the two-layered number on top of red fondant and did the same.

The cake was a huge hit!

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