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Coolest Bugs in Grass Cake

My 5 year-old daughter made this Bugs in Grass Cake for a cake contest and won 3rd place.

The cake was made in a meatloaf pan (the cake recipe called for a bundt pan, but we didn’t want the doughnut shape. Wasn’t sure if making it in a regular pan would taste the same??).

The grass is whipped cream frosting with dyed coconut sprinkled on top. We put the coconut in a Ziploc bag with a tablespoon or so of water and added the dye and shook it up (this was a good tip from someone else. Just trying to add dye to coconut in a bowl wasn’t working well at all!).

The ant pile is crushed Oreo cookies (brown part only). The ants are cut up tootsie rolls. The spider is an upside down Hersey’s Kiss with legs drawn on with gel frosting applicator. The worm is store-bought gummy worm. The centipede bodies are Kit-Kat candy bars. The legs on the centipede are slices of tootsie roll and candy bar. All the eyes are chocolate sprinkles “glued” on with frosting.

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