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Coolest Fortnite Birthday Cake

I made this Fortnite birthday cake for my grandson’s birthday. He loves Fortnite, especially the Lama.

First thing I had to make was all the modelling. I made the lama, had to make this in stages so it hardened in stages. I made the basic shape of the body neck and head in purple modelling paste. When this has hardened I made two stumps modelling into the legs and attached the top half of the body using four wooden cocktail sticks. I left this to harden. Next, I rolled out some navy modelling paste very thin and cut out the tassels and attached to the lama using a little water. I then did the same in turquoise modelling paste and then I made some in purple to finish the tassels.

I added two eyes and the teeth in white modelling paste. Next, I had to make the saddle and then the reigns to finish it off.

The wooden chest on this Fortnite birthday cake is formed out of brown modelling paste and embossed with my wood grain tool. I made two straps to attach over the chest and using a straw I made the shape of the screws using flower paste rolled really thin. I made the handles for the sides of the chest. This was really tricky but worth the time and effort. I dusted the chest lightly with black edible dust to out-stand the wood grain effect.

I made a pickaxe out of modelling paste, a medical chest and bandage.

To make the trees  for this Fortnite birthday cake, I made two cone shapes out of modelling paste and cut into then with the scissors to form the leaves. I printed off the Fortnite logo and attached this to sticks to attach to the cake later.

That’s all the modelling done. Now it’s time for the cake to be made.

Making the Fortnite Birthday Cake

I baked two 8” round cakes filled with buttercream and jam. Then I crumb coated it and chilled in the freezer for 10 mins. I now coloured some fondant in turquoise blue rolled out and covered the whole cake. I covered the cake board in black fondant. Next, I made some grass and attached this to the base of the cake. I left these overnight to harden.

Next day I attached the logo and the trees into the top of the Fortnite birthday cake with the pickaxe, medical bag and bandage. I used a little royal icing to attach these. Then I attached a number 7 to the front of the cake. I then attached the lama to the cake board attaching a little bit of grass around the base. I attached the wooden chest and bandage to the other side of the cake board and finally attached my grandson’s name.

He loved his Fortnite birthday cake and the lama was the the first thing he ate.

Coolest Fortnite Birthday Cake

Coolest Fortnite Birthday Cake

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