Coolest Candy Party Birthday Cake

Every year since my daughter was born 8 years ago now I have been making her birthday cake. Now I have two kids and love searching for the perfect party theme and then planning a birthday cake to go with it. The kids watch the construction which takes some time!

This year I tried something new and tried a whimsical cake and everyone loved it! One of my friends said that each year the cakes get better and better. I hope so since I have more practice. The cake part of the cake was made from scratch this year and each layer was different.

The largest bottom tier was a vanilla lemon cake with vanilla butter cream, the middle was a dark chocolate hazelnut fudge cake with vanilla butter cream, and the top was a sweet cream cake with fudge filling. The entire cake was decorated with fondant. Around the bottom are cake balls, my first time making them and I must say cake balls are so easy and soooo good.

All of the decorations were handmade, even the suckers which were made from rolled fondant. This was a fun cake to make and serve!

Homemade Candy Party Birthday Cake

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  1. That cake is awesome – it must have taken days, but WOW was it worth it. I pay $350 for cakes that are not half as original as that. Good job!!


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