Cool Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Toy Car Toppers

I made a 12in Cars birthday cake for my nephew! He turned 4 and I wanted to make it something he would love! I iced the cake completely red, and made a race track on top in the shape of a number 4. I drew the track out and filled in with icing then used a butter knife to give it a little rigid to it to make it look like a road. I then added his favorite Cars characters to the track. I also had some extra cars and put them as they look like they are watching. Added a little grass around the top.

The side of this cake I made the famous checkered flag all away around it. I filled in the black and white blocks with just icing. This took some time. I believe this was the longest part of doing the cake! Then finished it up with a border.

Very easy cake for me! And he loved it!

Coolest Cars Birthday Cake