Coolest 75th Birthday Cake

I was asked by my cousin to make this cake for her father in law. She decided she wanted a champagne bottle bursting out the center of the cake.

I started my making the stars on wires, some in blue and some in white. The white ones will be covered in edible glitter when dried out. I  also made a champagne bottle and all the lettering and numbers and I also made triangles which I formed to make it look like the bottle had burst through the icing. I made these a few days before baking the cake I made these  out of 1/2 flower paste 1/2 fondant so they hardened.

I now baked the cake, a vanilla sponge and filled with butter cream and jam. I then covered with butter cream and chilled in the freezer. I covered the cake and the board in white fondant. I then attached  the champagne bottle where I needed it and attached the shaped triangles  to make it look like it had burst through the cake.

I now made the star cake topper with the stars I had made earlier by placing the wired stars in a shape I wanted on the table and taped the wires together. I then cut the wires level and placed the topper in a posy pick an attached to the cake. I don’t like pushing wires into the cake.

Now I attached a ribbon around the topper and the rest of the ribbon was attached around the cake and the left over ribbon I made a bow. I attached the bow with a stainless steel long pin with a pearl bead on the end  to the front of the cake after I had pipe iced around the base of the cake.

I cut out some large blue stars for the top corners of the cake and small stars for the board and attached these using a little water. I then attached the lettering to the board and finally I attached some silver edible balls around the cake.

My cousin messaged me to say everyone loved it. I really enjoyed making it as I’d never make a cake like this before.

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