Fun Homemade iPhone Cake

Firstly, thanks for your site, I regularly check in to see what’s new. Now about this cake, I think it may be the first iPhone cake posted on this site.

I used chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream icing for the filling. I used chocolate buttercream icing for the outside of the cake, tinting it with Wilton’s Icing Gels (black). I could have achieved a truer black but I didn’t want anyone in the office to have “mouth rot”.

I made the icons from rolled fondant and diluted the icing gels to make “watercolors”. White buttercream was used to pipe the line around the edge. C’est tout!

I made this cake to partly hone my skills and to pay homage to our iPhone lover from the office. Here’s to you Michel.

Should there ever be another iPhone cake, it will be tons better. I learned so much from making this one.

3 thoughts on “Fun Homemade iPhone Cake”

  1. I think you did great job on this cake!
    I am planning on doing the same design for my son’s 12th birthday. You said that you learn a lot though the process of making this cake. Can you tell me what you learned, if there was any problems that you didn’t account for and if there was anything you would have done differently?!

    Your insight would be much appreciated! THANKS A BUNCH!

  2. Hey You did a GREAT JOB FOR YOUR FIRST TIME!! That’s what I like about cake Decorating each time you make the same cake you see it in different way…AND IT JUST GETS BETTER! CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THIS ONE FOR MYSELF!!! HAPPY DECORATING!!!


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