Cool Homemade iPhone Cake

My son has an iPhone3. His wish is to have an iPhone 4. So I decided to bake him an iPhone 4 cake on his 14th birthday.

I baked a rectangular sheet cake, making sure it is not too think so as to keep to the actual phone’s proportion. The cake is then cut into the proportion of the phone.

Next I covered the entire cake with black fondant. Then I wrapped a long piece of white fondant round the side and added features like buttons etc. These are painted with silver lustre.

Finally the apps are added.

My son loved his cake and his friends were all so tickled to see such a cake.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade iPhone Cake”

  1. Oh my! I am looking for this exact cake for my best friend’s birthday, as like your son, she’s an iphone fanatic.

    Do you bake to order by any chance? Hope you say yes!


  2. Sorry, I am only a home baker who bakes for my family and friends. Very flattered that you find my cakes good enough for sale. Thanks :)


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