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Coolest Cockatoo Cupcakes

I made these Cockatoo Cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday at school. We have a tame cockatoo at home that we promised the teacher to show to the kids on the same day. So when it came to the birthday cake decoration, I came up with the idea of matching the birthday cake with the Cockie.

I made one cupcake for each child in the class and their teacher (plus a couple more) and they are really quite easy and quick to make. I used a German “lemon-yoghurt muffin” recipe. Once the cupcakes had cooled down, I put on the icing-sugar (I used vanilla icing from the shops). The eyes of the Cockie are made from meringues that I cut into a round eye-shape. Alternatively, you can use marshmallows instead. Use a tiny bit of icing to “glue” a small M&M onto it as a pupil. (You could use sultanas for a healthier option.)

The beak is made of two unsalted cashew nuts. I used dried mangoes for the crest as I wanted to have a bit of a healthier snack for the kids. You just have to cut the mango pieces into the right shape. Use lollie bananas cut in half if you like to do it a bit faster.

The white “feathers” near the yellow crest are made of round white chocolate melts cut in half. And that is it.

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