Coolest CupCake Birthday Cake

I threw my daughter a fairy princess party for her 6th Birthday, so decided to do lots of mini fairy cakes and a giant CupCake Birthday Cake for her main cake.

I used a Jane Asher,lemon drizzle cake mix. Once cooled filled the centre with butter icing, as this helps to stick the rice paper to the cake. I found I had to apply more icing to act as a glue. (The paper case I made from sheets of rice paper from Tesco). It fanned really well. I moistened the edges and found they stuck together very easily.

I made butter icing and added blue food colouring, as this was my daughters favorite colour. Using a piping kit, applied the icing to the top of the cake. I used quite a lot to achieve the height.

To decorate I used pink edible sparkle sprinkles, edible dalmontes, edible silver stars, edible pink stars, edible pink glitter, edible lilac glitter, pearlescent hundreds and thousands, 5 flare candles and a candle that sang “Happy Birthday” for the centre.

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