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Coolest Cute Hedgehog Cake Idea

Many forms of chocolate come together to form this Cute Hedgehog Cake Idea. A chocolate Hostess Snowball was covered in melted chocolate (double boiling method works best for this) to form the head, and cut down the sides to form a triangle nose. A single mini marshmallow was cut in half to create two beady little mallow eyes, and a freeze dried strawberry made the perfect nose.

Chocolate dipped circle cookies (any brand works) cut in fourths made the ears and the feet, and chocolate chips created the toes and tail of our hedgehog. A square shaped chocolate cake was cut to shape a round body, and was covered in chocolate icing.

The price for the supplies to make this cake was relatively cheap, costing a good bargain hunter only 10 dollars for the cake mix, icing, kisses, and cookies. It is a good idea to freeze the Snowball head after dipping it in chocolate so it is easy to work with and attach the eyes and ears. Also, allow the cake to cool completely before cutting and icing (sticking the cake in the fridge can speed this process.

The hedgehog ‘spikes’ are made with Hershey’s chocolate kisses. This is a fun cake to make for any birthday, and it’s almost too special to eat! We named our hedgehog friend Carl.


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