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Coolest Hedgehog Cake

This is Harriet the hedgehog cake, she initially came from the Cadburys cook book.Anyhow, she is easier than she looks. I made a normal chocolate cake but made it in pudding basin rather than a tin. Then into the oven until the cooked. Turn out and let it cool completely before attacking the icing.

Cut vertically down the center of the cake and then use butter icing to stick the two larger semi circle ends together. Then cover the whole shape in butter cream icing, thus making the body of your hedgehog. The nose can either be made from just the icing , or use a sweet bread cut in the form of a snout as I did. Lastly pop in the chocolate buttons and you have a cute Harriet.

8 thoughts on “Coolest Hedgehog Cake”

  1. This is the only cake my mum could make when my brother & I were younger so we each had this cake every year! Now I’m going to be making it for my 30th Birthday party and will probably make it again for my baby’s 1st Birthday in December. This picture brought back lots of good memories.
    Thanks Michelle xox

  2. My mum also made this every year for me when I was growing up (except the year I insisted on a shop bought horse case which tasted TERRIBLE) now I’m Googling “Harriet Hedgehog” in preparation for my own son’s first birthday.

  3. I have the original Cadbury’s chocolate cookbook and have made this cake dozens of times for my three boys. Its become a family tradition and have even made it for their birthdays for fun. I am now planning to make it for the first time for my granddaughter. Its really easy and looks very professional when finished.


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