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Coolest Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Bake a large chocolate sponge cake for the Hedgehog birthday cane and cut into thirds – place the side pieces onto the larger middle piece and cover the whole lot in butter icing with lots of melted chocolate stirred in.

Shape into hedgehog body shape with a little extra splodge for the nose. Then use Cadbury’s chocolate fingers for the spikes, green laces for the grass and a raisin for the hedgehog’s nose. Then draw some eyes to stick on.

This cake was really quick to make and also one of the cheapest I’ve made as there is little to it.

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  1. Looks great! The Hedgehog Cake is a favourite birthday cake for my kids but an alternative to try for the ‘prickles’ are Flake bars cut into approx 2 inch pieces. mmmm


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