My son was having his 2nd birthday and was really in to dinosaurs so this is my Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea. I made a plain white cake and put chocolate icing on it. I then got the red and yellow cake letters that look like lava coming out of the ground to spell out happy birthday.

I got a few of those plastic dinosaur kits and some aquarium rocks. I washed them in hot bleach water then soaked them all in hot soapy water. I set them out to dry. I used blue and green icing to make the water and grass and went to town. I even had leftover Easter sprinkles so I added ducks to the water and added some eggs for a nest. I sort of put everything around in positions that looked right but not too cluttered. Attaching “grass” to the rocks to incorporate them in to the scene.

You do have to be careful to remove them ALL before cutting into. Don’t want a guest to break any teeth. All the kids at the party loved my cake. Especially my son. All the parents wanted to know where I bought it. No one could believe I made such a creative cake.