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Sweet Homemade Dog Face Birthday Cake

My niece, Katie, just turned 12 years old and wanted a Dog birthday cake (she can’t have a dog were she lives). So, this was my first dog cake and I wanted to make it the best cake that she had ever seen. I molded 12 dogs out of fondant along with bones, a dog dish with dog food, water dish, etc…

I took the day off work, picked Katie up at 9:00 am, and went to my mom’s so that Katie could help decorate her birthday cake. She was so excited. We had a great day, she had friends over to spend the night and the next day was the “Dog” Birthday Party.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Homemade Dog Face Birthday Cake”

  1. Jennia,

    That cake is awesome! I bet your niece will remember that experience for the rest of her life.

    You go girl!

    -Pammy Wammy

  2. Darn it Jennia – wish I’d known you could make dreamy dog cakes! I looked forever for one for my grandson on his 2nd birthday.
    Bet your niece was thrilled with this amazing cake! You are talented!!!

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