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Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Dog Birthday Cake With Dog Cookies

As if for inspiration for his birthday cake, my soon to be two year old, colored our WHITE dog BLUE with permanent marker. That answered the question as to what his birthday theme would be.

I had seen a Wilson’s cake that was a safari theme with animals all around it and I knew this would work for a dog birthday cake. A few days before the party, I used the cookies recipe used for “cookie bouquets” that I found at allrecipes.com to make a bunch of dog cutouts. I used royal frosting to decorate the dogs so that they would dry quickly. (One white dog is decorated with blue to match our own pup.)

For the cake, I used a white cake mix. I made two 9″ cakes and 2 8″ cakes with strawberry filling between the layers. I iced each with buttercream frosting with green or blue dye and then stacked the cakes. I had a bit extra of cake mix and frosting, so we made cupcakes and filled those with the strawberry filling too (use a pastry bag and smaller tip through the top of the cupcake. Then cover the hole with frosting).

About 1 hour before the party, I placed the dogs around the cake with the dog house, with my son’s name on it, at the top of the cake. It was a HUGE success. And it much have tasted great too. I didn’t have ANY left!

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