Cute Homemade Dog Face Cake

I love making cakes for my children’s birthdays, but haven’t gotten up the nerve to try a 3D cake yet. I made this cake for my baby girl’s first birthday.

I made this dog cake in a 8 in square pan and frosted it with pink icing. I drew the dog picture freehand on paper, then cut it out and traced around it on to the cake with black icing. I drew the eyes on, added coconut for the fur, then drew the nose and added a cut strawberry for the tongue. The bow was made out of ribbon. I used the same ribbon in making her birthday hat.

Instead of drawing, you could easily print a clip art or coloring book dog to the size you need. If you prefer a brown dog, you can toast the coconut to your desired color. This cake was a big hit, and was not difficult to do!

1 thought on “Cute Homemade Dog Face Cake”

  1. Found this site and was thrilled. Cakes are great. Especially loved the square cake with pink icing and dog drawn on it.
    Thanks, this will make my daughters new rescue dog’s shower a success.

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