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Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

I made this Guitar Birthday Cake as a surprise for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday. So he didn’t get suspicious I only had about a day and a half to bake, ice and delivery this bad boy.

The body is chocolate mud and the neck is caramel mud. The body took at least 2 hours to cook.

All I needed was:

Cake board + ribbon to cover edge

2 square chocolate mud cakes and 1 rectangle of caramel mud

Dark chocolate ganache

Gel food coloring

Rtr icing

Fresh strawberries

Strawberry syrup (equal parts strawberry jam to boiling water)

Baking paper

Sewing thread for strings

Melted chocolate to cover board

Paint brush

Birthday candle holder (to cut screws the same size)

Paper towel to sponge orange color on

To make this cake I practiced drawing guitars as much as I could and then to work out the size I bought a cake board and covered it with A4 paper, did a sketch to fit and transferred to shape on to baking paper. The sizes and detail of the face plate were transferred onto a second piece of baking paper. While every thing was baking I made the elements for the face plate and tuning peg out of Rtr white icing to allow pieces to dry.

The cakes were syruped to keep moist and I used a bread knife to carve the shape of the stencil into my cakes. I cut the cakes in half to have a chocolate strawberry layer and placed the top cake and tuning pegs to allow drying time layer over the top. The cake was then placed on the chocolate coated board and ganached till all surfaces were smooth.

I covered the body with white icing and then added color which was watered down with vodka so it would dry quickly. The icing covering the neck was colored then rolled out and added.

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