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Coolest Ice Skate Birthday Cake Design

My granddaughter requested an Ice Skate Birthday Cake Design for her party at a local ice rink. I printed an ice skate from an online coloring page, and used this as a pattern to cut out the skate, made from a 9×13 pan of brownies.

The cake was a 9×13 cake, frosted with white buttercream, and lightly sprayed blue with Color Mist, available at craft stores, and some grocery stores. The sugar snowflakes were also purchased where cake decorating supplies are sold (seasonal). After frosting the cake, I laid the cut-out brownie skate on top, used a star tip to ice it white, and, immediately sprinkled silver edible glitter on the blade. Did this before the icing had dried.

I loved doing the cake for her, and I think she loved the cake!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Ice Skate Birthday Cake Design”

  1. I love how the skate is sitting on the cake,, and the blade with glitter is a great idea. I would love to use this cake for a winter party. I just love it!

  2. I loved this cake, Grandma! It was glittery and sparkly. I loved that it looked just like a real ice skate! All of my friends thought it was so pretty & yummy. Thank you for my cake! -Ava (6)

  3. My 80 year old mum and myself are about to embark on trying to replicate your cake for out great grand-daughter and great-neice. Fingers crossed it looks as good as yours:)


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