Coolest Lady Bug Cake

To make this lady bug cake I used a chocolate cake mix and baked it in a Pyrex bowl. Once it was done in the oven I let it cool for about 10 minutes then popped it out on to a wire rack and stuck it in the freezer to chill overnight.

I sliced off the bottom to make it sit evenly on the platter. I sliced the cake in half horizontally so I could put butter cream icing in the center and then applied a thin crumb coat of tinted red buttercream to the outside of the cake. I popped the cake back into the freezer for 45 mins. so the crumb coat could set. After the crumb coat had set I applied my final layer of buttercream. To get the icing this red I used Wilton’s no taste red food coloring, I used quite a bit to get it this dark.

After I finished icing the cake I sprinkled red sugar crystals all over the cake to give it a bit of sparkle. For the black spots I used chocolate peppermint patties. For the eyes I used large marshmallows that I had cut in half. I piped chocolate icing to make the mouth and line down the lady bug’s back and for the antennas I used black licorice.

It was a pretty easy cake to make. If you’re in a hurry skip the crumb coat and just pop your already cooled cake into the freezer for half an hour before you ice it.

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