Coolest Lego Pirate Adventure Cake

A friend of mine wanted to do a pirate birthday cake for her daughter and I checked in the stores and there was nothing with the theme so I looked on this website and got inspired to do a cake with a story. I did a quarter sheet rectangle cake with yellow cake mix and put white buttercreme icing which I spray-painted blue as the canvas for the water.

Then I did two more small cakes out of chocolate cake mix one in a small oval pan (for the island) and another in a meat loaf pan (for the ship). The island I shape it into “island” shape then cover with it with chocolate icing, then put crumbled graham crackers for sand and chocolate rocks (found them in the grocery store) I did the treasure chest molding fondant and painted it with brown food coloring, for and aged look. Then added the legos and the plants to make it look alive.

For the pirate ship I used the Meat loaf pan because it had already a steady base for the ship and I shape it free form to look like a ship using extra cake pieces glued with icing to give it the final touches.

I used black fondant to do the cannon balls inside the ship and Rolo’s chocolate inside fondant to shape the ship cannons. Got black licorice for the ship rails and wood dowels for the mast. For the look out (crow’s nest) I put a Reeses pieces (I got the Idea here). The sails are paper I free-formed and I also enhanced the look of the water by adding the jello crush to give the water a realistic look. The jello I did it half of the water that the recipe indicates for it not to melt on top of the cake, and I also put it on the cake when we arrived at the birthday place.

This Homemade Lego Pirate Adventure Cake was fun to make, the kids loved looking at the cake!

Homemade Lego Pirate Adventure Cake

Homemade Lego Pirate Adventure Cake

Homemade Lego Pirate Adventure Cake

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