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Hilarious Homemade Monster Birthday Cake

This is a Homemade Monster Birthday Cake for my daughter’s friend. I used one cake mix and cooked it in a 9×13 pan. I let it cool for 20 minutes then I cut the cake in half and placed one on top of the other. I rolled out a thin piece of fondant and cut it to look like teeth. I placed the fondant on the bottom and edge of the cake.

Then with the white icing I frosted the sides of the cake. With chocolate icing I frosted the top and back of the cake. I placed gummy eyeballs and a gummy snake for the book marker in the cake. The mouth is billy bob teeth.

1 thought on “Hilarious Homemade Monster Birthday Cake”

  1. Loved your cake!! Never seen gummy eyeballs or a gummy snake that big; just gummy worms. Where did you find them? Also, the teeth…was this around Halloween?


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