Coolest Monster Jam Cake

My son requested a red velvet cake for his 4th birthday and he likes monster trucks, so I looked to this website for ideas on decorating a Monster Jam Cake.

For the cake itself, I used the Neely’s recipe (found in “Down Home with the Neelys: A Southern Family Cookbook”). I couldn’t find the recipe online to provide a link to it, but it’s worthwhile to buy the book or check your local library for it. I haven’t eaten A LOT of red velvet cake, and this is the best recipe I’ve had for it. However, I didn’t use the Neely’s recipe for the cream cheese frosting because it’s too rich. Instead, I used the cream cheese frosting recipe on the side of the SoftSilk cake flour box.

I used an 11 X 15 pan to allow a lot of space for decorating. The “dirt” is crushed chocolate graham crackers that I ground in the food processor. It took a pack and a half of crackers to cover the cake well. I purchased the official Monster Jam World Finals playset from Amazon. The ramp that came with the playset matched the chocolate crackers very well.

My husband found a random image of a crowd online and duplicated it three times side-by-side, and he found the images for the banners on the companies’ websites. He saved them side-by-side and changed the size or pixels to make the image 15 inches wide, to match the width of the cake. The pictures were printed on glossy photo paper by Staples for about $5. I taped four cocktail type toothpicks to the back of the sponsor banners and crowd pictures, and then stuck the uncovered ends of the toothpicks into the cake. Regular toothpicks would have been too short.

Since this cake was bigger than my sheet cake carrying case, I bought a cake box from AC Moore’s for about $2.50.

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, we added tall candles at both ends of the ramp as “torches.” The cake was a hit and now my son is playing with the monster truck set.

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  1. I meant to say that I *have* eaten a lot of red velvet cakes, and the Neely’s recipe is the best I’ve found so far.


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