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Coolest Movado Watch Cake

As simple as this Movado watch cake may seem, I found it very difficult to make it as elegant as the real thing while keeping the design very simple. The beauty of a Movado watch is that it is elegant without flashy numbers or intricate designs. When my customer approched me regarding this watch I didn’t think to question myself whether I was going to be able to do it, I just said “YES!”

I baked a 2 layer, 10″ chocolate cake with a tart cherry jelly and chocolate mousse. Since I wanted to make the dimensions of the cake as equally proportionate to a real watch I didn’t choose to do a 4 layer cake (which is what I usually do). I then covered the cake in black fondant and cut an 8″ fondant to place on top of the cake. For the bracelet of the cake I cut 2 rectangle pieces of fondant which I layed over a large rectangle piece of aluminum foil (the foil gives the bracelet a 2 dimensional look and a touch of “bling” needed for the cake) I did this twice, one for each side.

For the diamond accent, I purchased an edible diamond which may be found at local bakery supply stores, for some reason chain corporations do not seem to carry them. For the hands of the clock, I cut 2 pieces of foil to mimic the hands and stuck them to the cake with a light mist of water. Simple and bam! It took some thought but the outcome was great!

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