Coolest NASA Shuttle Cake

I made this NASA Shuttle Cake for the Sam Houston Area Council Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet of 2009. I had a clean, new mailing box folded flat, with a piece of black paper on top. I added a piece of plastic wrap to this and added foil stars for effect. If I would do it again, I would use fondant- my new favorite medium. The frosting worked fine though and was standard jar frosting (some was dyed red and some was blue) and I used two boxes of cake mix.

I stacked layered rectangles for the body, a solid, carved piece of cake for the nose-cone and two thick, solid pieces for the wings. I then carved the body to give it a cylindrical shape, applied a thin coat of white frosting, then topped with a heavier coat of white. Next time, I would suggest white cake to avoid the chocolate crumbs in the frosting.

I then applied the red frosting to the wings and the blue to the nose-cone. I bought some of those sour strips from Party City (they have those great old-fashioned candies) for about 10 cents each, cut them into strips and used then to detail the plates on the body of the craft.

I detailed with dragees, red and blue glitter gel, and used Starburst candy rolled flat and cut out with a sharp, oiled knife for the flames. I used some blue glitter gel and white icing leftover for blue-hot “flamage” near the tail pipes too. I almost did cotton candy for smoke- but it was too humid and wouldn’t have worked. If you’re in a drier climate, go for it.

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