I had made a Pink Playboy Cake Design some months earlier than this one for a friends daughter’s sweet sixteen party but that was done in a very hot pink heart with a black playboy bunny on top. I was then asked if I could do one for another friends 10 year old. I decided to tone the colour scheme down a bit and this one is the result.

I made two cakes, one 9 inch square and one 7 inch square basic vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache filling in the large one. The smaller one I cut to shape with a template and layered it on top with more chocolate. I then put a thin layer of buttercream over the whole thing. I find it useful to use buttercream as the glue as it leaves a smoother surface and can fill holes and imperfections better than jam.

I covered the cake with one large rollout of fondant paste which I cut off just short of the edge of the board which was a 12” square. Next I painted the bunny and the sides of the base cake pink and the top of the base cake black with colour paste. Then I coated the bunny with pink sugar crystals, leaving the eye hole clear – this I painted black. I used the sugar crystals because the pink I used to paint the bunny was too bright for the effect I wanted.

To get the shiny effect on the base cake I sprinkled it with edible holographic glitter and I put this on the eye of the bunny too. Then it was just a matter of a ribbon round the cake and finishing with pink glace icing piped in small dots around the cake using a no. 2 tube and the finishing touch was using the edible silver balls pushed on to the alternate iced dots to give a “stage lighting” effect.

The final thing was to pipe the greeting and name and Megan was delighted to receive her grown up playboy cake.