This Homemade Playboy Box Cake was made for a 21st birthday. It’s a very simple cake but effective, everyone was thrilled at the cake. It’s a very girlie cake full of dimonties sparkles and glitter. I used the popular play boy colours, black and pink. It took me 3hrs to make this from scratch. That’s how simple it is!

I always like to put my own little stamp on things. It makes it more interesting. It is decorated as a present with a tag attached to it. The bunnies were templated out of cardboard then I used petal paste a fine icing to make the bunnies then left them to dry before putting on to cake.

After that I put the pb as for play boy also using petal paste {you can use Mexican paste as well} around the sides. The top was decorated with dimontee 21st pink and black feathers and butterfly’s and lots more dimontees. Hope you all like it.