Coolest Pink Princess Castle Cake

The Twins turn Two- “Princess Style”. I made this Pink Princess Castle Cake for my twin nieces princess themed birthday party. The cake board is covered in white shiny wrapping paper, and then again with saran wrap so the oil from the cake would not leak through. The bottom is made of 2- 9×13 cakes stacked. These were made from boxed cake mix, 1 strawberry and 1 white. The top of the cake consisted of 2- 8×8 rounds, both “Funfetti” flavor.

I baked the cakes as instructed on the box, cooled them on cooling racks, wrapped in saran wrap and aluminum foil, and put them in the freezer for 3 days. After a crumb coat on the bottom layers, and assembling the 2- 8×8 rounds on top, I inserted 5 straws (cut to size) through the top of the cake, down through the bottom for support. I added the crumb coat to the top 8×8’s, and then I let this sit for about an hour. I also baked 24 chocolate cupcakes the night before to add for decoration around the cake.

The turrets for the castle were made with 8 ice cream “cake cones”, and 4 sugar “waffle” cones. I assembled the cones the night before the party. I used white sugar melts. I used a sponge type brush to apply the sugar mix to the cones and assembled as shown in the picture above. Two cake cones, bottom to bottom, and then a sugar cone with added pink sprinkles for the top. If you would like to add something to the top of the turret, like the star wands shown, I would suggest cutting the bottom of the sugar cone before assembling to the top of the turret.

The frosting is homemade butter cream frosting, recipe found on the back of any confectioners’ sugar bag. I used “Wilton Gel Food Coloring” to get the light pink, hot pink and purple colors. You only need to insert a toothpick into the gel color, and then into the frosting and mix. Do this slowly, so you can find the color you’re looking for.

I found the princess themed birthday decorations at various party stores. At the top of the cake are pink star shaped suckers, found at local craft store. The star wands at the top of the turrets, and the mini tiaras were found at a dollar store. I bought some additional heart shaped jewels to sprinkle on the cake board, and decided to hot glue some of the hearts to the top of some of the tiaras for added sparkle. The pink and purple jewels found on the top of the cupcakes were princess earrings and rings, found at a local party supply store. I also added marshmallows for the “castle” effect, and the diamond shaped windows are edible sugar and were bought from a cake decorating store, along with the yellow & purple wands and tiaras. The girls really enjoyed this and so did everyone else!

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