Coolest Pirate Birthday Cake

This Pirate Birthday Cake is a compilation of tons of different ideas I had, and others that I found on this site and others. I sketched everything out and ended up leaving out so many details…if this cake was made with more layers, “treasure map” detailing could be put on the sides above the waves. It ended up being the smash cake for my son’s first birthday party, and I made a ship for the rest of us to enjoy.

I started by baking 2 9×9 cakes and cooling them. I wrapped them in plastic wrap and foil and stored them in the freezer a few days ahead of time. I also made the buttercream icing and stored it in the fridge. (Being a working mommy, I’m pressed to find time for baking!)

For the waves along the edge, I made fondant, tinted it blue, rolled it out and cut waves out of it (flat on the bottom, wavy pattern on top.) I let the fondant dry for 2.5 days until it was hard. Once the waves were hard, I piped clear icing along the top edges and sprinkled blue decorating sugar on them. I let them dry for a few more hours.

I then rolled out different colored fondant and cut out the shapes to assemble the cute little pirate. I iced the cake and put the fondant shapes on while it was still a little sticky. I laid them out fondant on fondant and they stuck just fine. Then I put the waves around the edges and wrote my message.

It took some time, but everyone loved it (especially the birthday boy)!


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