My mom and I made this Pirate Ship Cake Design for a little boy’s birthday party. We looked at other pirate ship cakes on this website and kind of combined elements from all of them that we liked.

The bottom is a 12×18 sheet cake decorated with blue buttercream icing to resemble waves. We baked the ship in an 11×8 pan and a loaf pan and stacked them together and then carved a ship shape. If I had it to do over again, I probably would use 2 9×13 pans cut and stacked together because our ship was not sturdy enough. We used multiple dowel rods to hold it together. We leveled the ship and used the part that we cut off the top to form an island, so not much cake was wasted.

I iced the island with chocolate icing and then poured graham cracker crumbs on top. I finished it up by adding green icing with a grass tip in the middle of the island and around the other objects. I iced the boat with a basket weave tip to make it look like old boards. I found the pirate man at our local Ollies, although Crafts 2000 has a wonderful selection, too. We bought a princess at the Dollar Tree and tied her to a sail like she was being held hostage. I also found skeletons at the Dollar Tree and buried one on the island, and gold coins which I put in the treasure chest.

You can find pretty much any size treasure chest you need at Crafts 2000. We printed the sails ourselves and slid them on dowel rods. I made the railing at the back of the boat by wrapping a hemp cord around dowel rods. We raided the toy box and found the palm tree and anchor, which added a little more character.