Coolest Pirate Ship Cakes

I made two pirate ship cakes on an 18” X 24” piece of plywood. The cake board was covered in freezer paper and that was covered with white and multi blue butter cream icing. I used the angled blade icing knife to make swells and waves and put a dinghy with a pirate looking at a make in the dinghy.

The cake recipe came from FamilyFun. It is 2 9″ round cakes layered on each other. Cut in half and layered again. I used dowel rods to keep the 4 layers from coming apart. Then each ship is to sit on the curved part to look like a ship. One cake had “live” pirates and the other had skeleton pirates. They were situated so that they were in battle an firing from the several cannons on each deck.

Whopper candies were stacked on each deck for cannon balls and some were pushed into the sides of the ships as if they had been hit. Each ship had flags with the Jolly Roger or the Rusty Rose printed on them. I made the flags from cardstock and my computer with the same font. Then tore them and did some distressing. Poked bamboo skewers through the top and bottom of the flags and stuck them in each ship.

I used extra wide Popsicle sticks to make a plank and put 2 of pirates on it sword fighting. In the sides of each cake I use Pepperidge Farm Pirouette rolled wafers cut in half and hollowed out the chocolate filling so candles could be inserted. These candles were light for my birthday boy to blow out.

On a corner of the cake I used brown sugar to make a beach and put a treasure chest in the “sand” as well as a pirate digging with a shovel. I used red fruit roll ups and cut with a knife to make the dashed lines and an X to make the spot on the beach areas.

It took about 8 hours to make, baking included. It is one of easiest cakes I’ve made. When my birthday boy came in to see it he said, “WOW guys, my pirate ship cakes are awesome.” And after he did gifts he was ready for cake so he said we should light the candles an blow up the ships.

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