Coolest Pirate Skull Cake

I made this Pirate Skull Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday this year. The theme was pink pirate.

I was able to trace a skull shape onto parchment paper from a picture I had. I also used the same picture to trace the mouth, teeth, eyes and nose. I wanted it to be all correctly proportioned.

I used 2 large, deep cookie sheets to get a nice flat surface. I greased each pan and then lined the pans with parchment paper for easy removal. Each pan holds 1 boxed cake mix.

After letting the cakes cool (put them in the freezer for a quick and less crumbly cake), I traced and cut the skull out and used the left over pieces for cross bones.

I frosted the cake with store bought frosting(saves so much time). I think I used about to tubs.

After frosting I rolled out enough fondant to cover the whole cake. It took some maneuvering but I managed to get it covered. I then used the already traced,mouth,teeth,nose,eyes and cut out the shapes in black fondant. To make the teeth show up better I painted them with a watered down gel frosting. The same gel frosting my daughter’s name is written in.

I made the pink bow last and let it dry over night before putting it on the cake. After cutting a long and wide piece of pink fondant I folded it and then added a small ball to the middle. I used paper towels to keep the shape until morning.

Last was putting the bow in the cake, writing Happy Birthday and for accents I put chocolate coins on the cake board.

It was a big hit at the party! My daughter loved it and her friends thought it was so cool.

We played pin the beard on the pirate,decorated pirate t-shirts,paled b-day bingo and broke open a treasure chest pinata!

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