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Coolest Pizza Birthday Cake

The Pizza Birthday Cake is a box cake I made in a pizza pan, (I extended the sides with tinfoil.) I cut off the domed part of the cake and left the edges a bit higher. I covered the crust with marshmallow fondant tinted with a little yellow, and wrapped it around the sides of the cake.

I cut a circle out of the center, and spread the “sauce” (red tinted canned frosting) on the top of the cake. I rolled out a smaller circle of the fondant for the melted cheese and placed that on top of the “sauce”, making sure some of the sauce showed around the edges.

Most of the toppings were made from colored marshmallow fondant, (cut out with various sized caps and such), and placed on top of the “cheese”, the “sausage”, are Buncha Cruncha chocolate candies, and the shredded mozzarella cheese is made from white chocolate curls, (which I melted a bit with a hot hair dryer.) I “painted” the crust with a cotton ball dipped in brown food coloring.

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