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Coolest Playmobile Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This was my son’s Playmobil pirate birthday cake for his 4th birthday which I made by using a 9 by 13 cake frosted with my homemade fudge chocolate frosting. I used a thin coat of grape jelly  to stick the blue dyed coconut flakes sprinkled with shiny blue sprinkles for the water.

The land was made with crushed graham cookies and rocks are made of chocolate rocks. I made the greenery with green candy melt. We printed the sails on paper and tea stained them. The canon balls are Maltesers, the port holes are Toffeefee, the crows nest is made from a mini ice cream cone that I covered in a mixture of dark chocolate and vanilla candy melt.

The canons on the side of ship are German wafer rolls dipped in chocolate. Used Playmobil pirates on the ship. Best pirate birthday that impressed our guests.

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