Coolest Pool Party Cake

This pool party cake was for my 6 year old’s pool party. She wanted a High School Musical theme, so we put “Sharpay” by the pool on the cake! I used a 9×13 cake pan, and lots of canned white frosting.

The cake needed to be chilled, which made it easier to cut out the shape of the pool. Oh, I also found a coconut cake mix which made it even more tropical and fun! I think this cake mix is a seasonal item, just during the summer.

After the shape of the pool was cut out, I made my blue jello! This was a little gross with the cake, but a HUGE hit with the kids. The adults also thought it was pretty cool, but didn’t want to eat it! Make sure your jello is cooled enough that it won’t seep through the cake, but not too much that it looks like lumpy water! I think I used 2 packs of blue jello.

“Sharpay” came with her own lounge chair, of course, so we put her next to the pool with graham cracker crumb “sand” around her. I edged the pool with pink starbursts, which all of the kids requested with their piece of cake. One of the easiest cakes I’ve made, but still cute!

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