Coolest Princess Castle Cake

This princess castle cake was a blast to make! I made it for my niece’s 2nd birthday party. It did require a lot of time, but some steps can be done a few days in advance of baking and assembling the cake.

I purchased the Wilton Castle Kit that comes with the plastic pillars, windows and doors. Each of these pieces you can decorate and set aside days before assembling the cake.

The cake itself is just a two tier round cake. I tinted my icing purple and iced each piece of the pillar tops and roof. Before the icing dried, I sprinkled regular raw sugar that I also tinted purple (very easy to do and it added the sparkle effect that every princess castle should have). I also decorated all of the plastic parts with the window detail, door detail, etc. and let them sit overnight so that the icing would set.

I cut dowels rods to the length I needed to attach to the bottom of the plastic pillars. I attached them with melted sugar as it was cooling. Dunk the bottom of the rod in the melted sugar and hold into place on the bottom of the pillar for a few seconds.

Once the tiers of the cake were assembled, I used a small flower piping tip to place the pink flowers around the top and base of each cake. I added a small white dot in each flower center and some green for leaves. Then I placed each pillar into the cake with the dowel rods I had already attached. The pillar cone tops went on next. Just used icing to hold them in place. Then each pillar that went around the cake on the base was last. I used icing to hold these in place too.

The small cake on the side was the birthday girl’s piece! I got the Tierra at Wal-mart for pretty cheap and bought enough for all the other girls at the party to wear! They were a big hit!

I would make this one again! I had so much fun putting this one together. I am not sure if it would travel well, one thing to think about. Once it is made, I would not try to move it!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Princess Castle Cake”

  1. I also made this cake for a co-worker of my husband who lives about 4o-50 miles away! I assembled everything except the purple tops. I also glued dowels to the side of the outer pillars. He called when he arrived at his destination and everything was still secure!! Thanks for sharing your pics!! I have some on my face Book-(shannonrudy)
    PS I love that your cakes are NOT fondant! I have never used it.

  2. hi i am being ambious and plan on doing this for my daughters birthday cake, and just need to know what kind of iceing you used and what did you use it on or did you use fondant for the cakes if you could email me at that would be greatfully appriciated thanks amanda

  3. Hi my daughter is turning 1 in Aug and this is the cake i want for her birthday. I have called 8 bakers and messaged 25 bakers and have had no luck with someone making this cake for me. do you have a store you make cakes from or was this just a one time thing? could you make this cake for me?

  4. Hi
    This isa Beautiful Cake!!
    Just wondering where you can buy one like this I live in Newmarket, Ontario Canada


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