Coolest Princess Castle Cake

As a Christmas gift I got a Wilton Castle Cake set from a family friend. My daughter saw it and being the princess that she is, instantly wanted a Princess Castle Cake for her 4th birthday party. The kit came with plastic windows, a plastic door, and the plastic pillars.

I made the larger cake on the bottom vanilla, and the top tier chocolate. They both had butter cream icing in between the cake layers. About 2 weeks before I baked the cake I prepared all of the fondant flowers. I purchased already colored fondant, used a flower cut out and then pressed the centers to make the flower shape. I put a dab of white icing in the center of each one. I froze the flowers until I was ready to put them on the cake. I used dowels in the bottom tier to help support the weight of the top tier and placed the top tier on a plastic cake plate for easy disassemble.

I covered the entire cake in white butter cream frosting. I then decorated the plastic pieces that are pink with pink icing and dipped it in pink edible glitter. I added all of the plastic pieces to my cake. I then piped on the green icing to create leaves and stuck the flowers to the cake. I piped her name on top of the cake in pink icing and dusted the top with the pink edible glitter.

My daughter loved her castle cake for her birthday!

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  1. I used the same cake set last year for my daughter’s cake…It was so fun, and I found it fairly easy to do, that is, once I figured out how to keep the towers up..:)
    Beautiful job!!!


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