Coolest Princess Castle Cake

Making cakes is my hobby. I love decorating my cakes by using beautiful imagination. I never did any baking or cake decorating course. This is something I do just for fun. I love to make theme cakes rather than just a regular round or square shaped cake. I’ve only created cakes for my friends and family and never thought of doing it professionally. When I feel like giving a cake as a birthday or anniversary present I think of the person I’m going to make the cake for. Keeping in mind the person’s personality, gender, preferences, hobbies etc. I start doing research to find a perfect theme for the cake.

I always wanted to make a castle cake. Since I don’t have a daughter I never got the chance. Finally I got it and I started doing research on castle cakes. I’ve searched online and went to different cake shops to get some ideas. But I found those to be either quite simple or very professional. So I tried to figure out how to make it look different at same time possible for me to build the structure as I don’t have professional experience. I wanted my cake to be an extraordinary one with a homemade touch. Trust me I’ve spent 15 days to collect things from different shops and making bits and bobs in advance. I made the cake without any professional instrument or technical support. I used my imagination to put everything together.

This particular cake I named ‘coolest princess castle cake’ since I’ve included the princess with the castle. It was made for my niece, Meher when she turned 9. I can never forget her overwhelmed face when she saw the cake. It was a surprise gift from me. I had to put extra effort to make the princess’s dress. I made a round cake using a steel bowl to make the dress. I’ve used a plastic doll as the princess. But everything else on this cake was edible.

It was a chocolate cake with whipped cream icing. The little flowers I made with fondant icing and food color. I made the flowers and towers in advance. The towers were also made of fondant but I put the whipped cream on those to match with the color of the castle. The doors and windows were made from chocolate bars. I’ve also used sugar cubes and ice cream coned to decorate the castle. It was winter and I had to struggle to find the ice cream cones.

It was a 3 tier cake including the doll’s dress. The cake was big and heavy. But it tasted heavenly delicious and everybody at the party appreciated it. I was really happy to create such a perfect gift for my niece. And when I put the picture on Facebook all my friends were surprised and suggested me to do more creative thinks like this.

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