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Cool Homemade Pug Dog Cake

I made this Pug Dog cake as a belated birthday present to myself. I adore pugs but getting my own one is a long way away as I’m about to start graduate school. This cake is very easy and I imagine can be modified for any kind of dog.

I used a 4-egg sponge recipe and divided the mixture between a Pyrex measuring jug (the head) and a loaf tin (the body). I baked it at Gas Mark 4 (approx 350F) for 50 and 60 minutes respectively. Once it was done, I filed the head to make it flatter on one side, so it could be attached more easily. I cut the loaf in half so I could put jam and butter cream in the middle, Victoria sponge style.

I bought a pack of ready-to-roll icing and colored it using a mixture of ivory, yellow and black gel food coloring. I covered the cake in apricot glaze (apricot jam heated with a little hot water) then covered it with the rolled icing. I placed the body on homemade brownie paws.

After decorating the head, I attached it to the body with skewers. The eyes are Galaxy Minstrels, the dog food is broken Minstels with butter cream, the bone is more rolled icing and the collar is strawberry laces.

A more experienced cake artist than me would probably be able to replicate a pug’s wrinkles better, but I’m happy with the first attempt! Plus, he is delicious!

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