Coolest Rocket Cake

I made this Rocket Cake for a 5 year old birthday boy! Blast-off from Saturn!

For Saturn/Planet:

1. Butter and flour Pyrex bowl. Combine Red Velvet Cake mix per directions, pour into bowl and bake at 350 for 1hr 15 min or just until done by testing with skewer or toothpick.

2. Cool completely then frost with cream cheese icing, use butter knife dipped in hot water to get the frosting very smooth.

3. Add yellow food color to fondant (purchased from Walmart for 2.97) and roll out flat, then place on cake – this was the first time I’ve used fondant, it’s not too hard. (I’ve baked maybe 3 cakes in my whole life). Then paint planet with red food color to get stripes and swirls.

4. Cut a cardboard ring that will stick into the cake on each side and insert it into sides of cake (You’ll have to cut the fondant to insert.) Melt white chocolate chips, add red food color, then paint melted chocolate onto cardboard for Saturn ring.


1. Push dowel (wooden rod from Walmart) or skewer down into cake. Dampen a vanilla wafer and push it down on the stick.

2. Add in order onto the stick: 1 premade shortcake from grocery store, 1 little Debbie jelly roll, 2 little Debbie small cupcakes, and a small sugar cone. Frost this with icing using knife and hot water until smooth. Roll out fondant and wrap around the rocket – but not around the shortcake, only the jelly roll and upward. Use Red, orange, blue and yellow food color to make red tip on rocket, windows, stripes and flames. The flames are placed at bottom on the shortcake.

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