Coolest Rocket Cake

For my son’s third birthday, we decided to have a rocket themed birthday party, as he was currently interested in them. We decorated our backyard with stars and turned our trampoline into a giant rocket ship. So the cake had to be a Rocket Cake too.

We made two cakes – both out of white choc mud – one large rectangle and one in a loaf tin. Cut them into the right shapes and decorated with butter icing in yellow, red and blue.

Decorations were largely just store bought lollies in the appropriate colours, with a bit of piped butter cream on the yellow section to make the squiggle pattern.

The most difficult part or time-consuming was dying and rolling the night sky background out of fondant icing. This allowed us to cut out stars and a moon to let the foil from underneath shine through.

The hit was when we lit the sparklers at the bottom so that the rocket could blast off – kids loved it!

Coolest Rocket Cake

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