Coolest Rocket Cake Design

My 2 year old really loves The Little Einsteins! And his favorite toy is the rocket so that is where I got inspired to make this Rocket Cake Design for his birthday. It was much easier than I anticipated.

I used two boxes of Betty Crocker Butter Cake Mix.

Baked two 9 inch rounds and one small deep cake about 6 inch round.

I then stacked them all on top of one another. I frosted all the layers with chocolate frosting. I cut off the tops of the 9 inch round cakes so they would be more flat and easier for the 6 inch round to be placed on top. I then shaved off the edge of the 9 inch top round to make more of a rocket shape and the 6 inch round on top, just the front to make the slant for the windows. I used 4 Twinkies (2 on each side) for the rocket thrusters (most people only used two but they looked too small). I used graham crackers for the tops of the thrusters, just cut a corner off of them. So that’s the form of the cake.

Now as for decorating, I found that whipped frosting (Betty again) was easier to work with. I bought white and had to add a whole bottle of red food coloring before it no longer looked Hot Pink as I didn’t think that would go over well. Make sure the food coloring is non flavored. I did save a little of white frosting to mix with blue food coloring for the headlights and windows. My headlights are 2 yellow jumbo smarties. (I ate the rest).

And for the antenna I used a mini tootsie pop and colored the stick with some of the red frosting. I also saved some white frosting to make some clouds to hold on to the Little Einstein Figures. I put it in the fridge overnight to firm up the frosting.


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