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Coolest Shark Birthday Cake

I made this homemade shark birthday cake for my nephew’s 8th birthday! The cake is two 9-inch round cakes. I used Duncan Hines chocolate fudge mix and the frosting is homemade buttercream.

The shark is made of marshmallow fondant, this was my first time working with fondant. I’m not sure how well I like using fondant, I think this is something I need to play around with more. I made the fondant 3 days before the party and the night before I molded the shark and kept him in an airtight container.

I tinted the frosting blue and frosted the cake, I did my best to keep the crumbs out but they made in anyways (my nephew didn’t mind). The rocks on the bottom are chocolate candy rocks, the seaweed is green tinted buttercream, and the fish are vanilla, graham, chocolate, and marshmallow flavored goldfish crackers. Last I put the shark on top, then piped white frosting for his teeth. On the way to my sister’s house his tail fell off but I was able to attach it back.

This homemade shark birthday cake (despite its flaws) was a big hit and my niece is already putting her order in for her Jan birthday.

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