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Coolest Super Mario Bros Birthday Cake

My little man just turned 5 and he LOVES Super Mario Bros. I always make all my own cakes so this year would be no different except for the fact that I have actually gotten quite a bit better and more elaborate in the recent months since my amazing husband got me a Kitchen aid Stand Mixer. FYI…it’s worth the money!

I was trying to think of something out of the ordinary and my amazing husband (yep, there he is again…lol) came up with the idea of making cakes that looked like the green pipes from “The New Super Mario Bros!” Then we started looking at the booklet that comes with the Wii game and I got the entire idea with doing the land on both sides of the cake! I used all boxed cake mixes and my homemade butter cream icing (which I got from Wilton’s)!

The pipe is made by layering 2 8″ cakes and a 9″ on top. The side cakes were made in 2 13×9 pans and I cut them down to 9×9 so I wouldn’t have too much cake (even though it was a ton)! I ordered an edible icing sheet from a local cake supply store for the top of the pipe and just piped some stars on the trim in orange, his favorite color, and white! The sides of the 9×9 cakes were just made using graham crackers crushed (by hand and an ice cream scoop) in a Ziploc bag and patted into moist butter cream icing.

I went to my local Toys R Us and got the question mark boxes, the star tins (which had the star candies that are scattered all over the cakes in them), the bomb guys, and the mushrooms. They were all in the candy aisle! The figures are actually all from a Super Mario Bros Chess set!

This was probably my best cake to date! I love it and the expression on my little mans’s face when he saw it was priceless…yes, I teared up! lol! I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

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  1. I was at this little mans party and got to eat some of this delicious cake. It was truly amazing, she did a fabulous job and the cake tasted wonderful, very moist! What an amazing job u did :)


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