Coolest Superhero Trio Cake

I made this Superhero Trio Cake for my son’s 5th birthday.

I used a triple batch of chocolate cake batter and one 15″ round cake pan (with edge strips and cake nails to ensure even baking throughout), one 9″ round cake pan, and one 9″ square cake pan (and afterward cut the Superman portion into the correct shape from the square).

Because I’ve heard it can be tricky, I googled how to make red icing. I still don’t feel I got the colour for the bottom layer correct (even after using an entire bottle of red food colouring). Here’s why: if you use butter for the icing, the red food colouring will inevitably go a bit orangey-pink (due to the yellow butter). If you use shortening you may have better luck.

For the bottom layer, I looked at a picture of webbing and used a fine-tip icing decorator. I freehand dotted the Batman logo with a bigger tip, and I did the same for the Superman S. A decorating bag with appropriate tip is a god-send, it can cover any mistakes/flaws in your cake!

On that note, it is also tricky to get the layers to sit level and not lean– but if you ‘prop’ the layers with bits of extra cake in between you can cover with icing (and your family and friends who look THAT close will forgive you).

I added some action figures for fun.

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