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Coolest Sushi Birthday Cake

I made this Sushi Birthday Cake with mini cupcakes, rice crispie treats, white sprinkles, jelly beans and black fondant.

The Negri pieces are rectangular Rice Crispie treats. Frosted them and then rolled them in white sprinkles. The fish are various Swedish Fish candies. Rolled out some black fondant and then wrapped it around the “negri” piece. For some of the other negri pieces, I used fruit leather to look like strips of tuna.

The round sushi rolls are mini cupcakes. Frosted and rolled in white sprinkles. Cut green Dot candies in half and pressed them in to the sushi roll.

The tobiko roll is a cupcake cut to make a more rectangular piece. I used orange round non-pareils for the top along with the rolled out black fondant.

The other fish egg rolls I did the same as above but used red and orange jelly beans, cut in half.

The wasabi is a green apple Tootsie Roll, smashed. The ginger is pink Air Head mini candies, rolled out and shaped to look like the ginger. The chopsticks are Pocky Sticks.

All of the sushi is sitting on a rectangular sheet cake frosted with light brown tinted frosting I made with some frosting paint I had.

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  1. That is the best idea ever. I don’t know if I want to eat cake right now or go out and have sushi. It looks so real! So would they call you a Sushi Pastry Chef..Pastry Sushi Chef? Nice work.


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