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Coolest Sweetie Birthday Cake

I made this sweetie birthday cake for my grandson’s birthday. I made a vanilla sponge 8″ round cake filled with vanilla butter cream and his favorite strawberry jam but the same sweets used on the outside could be put in the middle as well. I then covered the outside of the cake with the same butter cream and let to set a little in the fridge.

He loves chocolate buttons so I bought the giant ones and positioned them on the outside making a little lip on the top in order to stop the top sweets from falling off. His other favorite sweets are jelly beans and midget gems so I positioned the beans evenly in rows around the cake leaving the middle free and then piled the midget gems in the middle.

The cake didn’t last long and all the children loved it. I enjoyed making and it was really very easy to do. Any favorite sweets can be used and is was quick to make and looks very effective.

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